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The Moody College has digital signage (television screens) throughout the communication buildings. They are prominently displayed on each floor and near building entrances and exits. They display a variety of content including upcoming event announcements, faculty/staff headshots, and other promotional material.

Getting your Content Posted

Departments, students groups, and faculty can submit content to be posted to the displays. Below are the steps to get it posted:

1. Initial Considerations

Content should be relevant to Moody College of Communication students. Content that isn't relevant may not be approved (in general, we are pretty flexible).

2. Designing Content

Content on the displays is highly visible and is reflective of the Moody College. It should be aesthetically pleasing. For convenience, we have provided Photoshop and PowerPoint templates below to assist you in creating your slide:

Photoshop Template        PowerPoint Template        Custom Fonts

3. Submitting Content for Approval

Once you have completed your slide design, send it to  for quality approval along with the date range it should be displayed (start, end) and where you want it to display. If any changes need to be made, he will contact you.

4. Posted for Display

Once approved, the content will be posted to the displays and will be visible during the specified range.


  • Slide will be visible for only 5 seconds at a time
  • Slide image size: 1920px width x 1080px height


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