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This document discusses how to digitize media from 4 formats to a quicktime file using the Digitizing Dub Rack.  The formats available from this rack are DVD, VHS, DVCAM and Hi8.

1. The machines on the top 2 shelves are labeled DV RECORDER and OCEAN/MATRIX switcher.  These 2 machines should be on with their power-button lit green.  Turn them on if they are not already on.

2. The monitor on top of the rack should be on as well (green light).  If it is off, turn it on.

2. Locate your Source media player. Make sure the device is on (green light). Available media players are:


Input 1: DVD

Input 2: VHS

Input 3: DVCam

Input 4: Hi8

3. Put your Source media into your Source device and press Play.


4. On the OCEAN/MATRIX Input Selector, press the corresponding input button (for DVDs, this would be 1). 

Your media should appear on the TV monitor at the top of the rack. 


5. Log in to the adjacent computer #201.

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