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Revised 11/1/06

Susanne Kraft

How to make a dub from Digibeta, Beta or DVCAM to mini DV

MR analog composite video patch panel

Patch Digibeta, Beta or DVCAM out to Sony HDV In

Patch Sony HDV out to NTSCC color Mon A in

Analog Audio Patch Panel patch

Digi Beta, Beta or DVCAM ch.1 out and Digi beta Ch. 2 out to Sony HDV Ch. 1 In and Sony HDV Ch. 2 in

Patch Sony HDV Audio Mon out to Audio Monitor in

Put Multiformat monitor in Line A to see HDV deck

Put source tape in Digibeta, Beta or DVCAM deck Put record tape in HDV deck

On HDV deck make sure the INPUT SELECT IS SET TO VIDEO
Also make sure the deck is set to record in DVSP not DVCAM Click on MENU click on the up down arrows (very small and hard to see but are right next to the

MENU button) Click the down arrow till you get to IN/OUT REC
settings Then click on the EXEC button Select the VCR HDV/DV and make sure you are recording DV not HDV

Then click the down arrow again and click on EXEC select the REC MODE and make sure that is set to DV SP not DVCAM. Click Menu to exit

Set Audio input levels to @11 O’Clock

Press Record and Play on HDV deck and Play on Source deck