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Movie Magic Scheduling Lab

Written by Susanne Kraft,

How to find:

  1. On NemeSys machines: Start > My Computer > C Drive - Program Files > EP > EP Scheduling > Launch Anywhere (circle icon)
  2. On 318 computers: on desktop EP SCHEDULING
  3. On Macs: Storage > EP SCHEDULING > Select Icon

Breakdown Sheet

  1. One breakdown sheet per scene or group of scenes
  2. Enter in all information in all the fields use a semicolon ; to add teh entry to the drop-down list.
  3. Once the fields are entered, select the "Element Quick Entry" (Ctrl-E) icon from the top toolbar of the Breakdown Sheet
  4. Enter in each element from your script breakdown, again if you put a semicolon ; at the end of the entry it will be added to that element's menu for subsequent sheets.
  5. Once all the elements are entered for a given sheet create a new sheet with the right arrow at the top toolbar of the Breakdown Sheet. (These arrows can also be used to navigate through multiple Breakdown Sheets.)
  6. Once you have created a Breakdown Sheet for each scene or group of scenes, (you can merge sheets for similar scenes using the Merge Sheet Icon at the top toolbar of the Breakdown Sheet) you want to assign Board IDs.

Board IDs

  1. From the top program menu, select Breakdown > Element Manager.
  2. Select the Element category from the menu on the left. Then select a specific element on the list on the right. Example: a specific character from the Cast Members
  3. Select the Edit Icon (the pencil, Cntrl-K)
  4. Enter a Board ID number and click OK
  5. Do this for all relevant elements, then you want to move on to the Calendar.


  1. Select the Show Calendar icon from the main toolbar of the program
  2. Select/highlight the calendar entry and then select the Edit Calendar icon (the pencil, Cntrl-K)
  3. Set your work days, production start days, off days, travel days, etc. Then click OK.

Production Information

  1. Select from the top menu of the program Design > Production Info.
  2. Enter various information and enter your name under Prepared By.


  1. Select colorful square icon from top program menu
  2. Within the Strip board there are various tools to help you order your strips:
    1. Sort (Cntrl-T): can sort by location, any element, etc. Order your sorts in order of execution.
    2. Add Day breaks (can also add Auto Day breaks) / Week breaks
    3. Insert Title bars to add information.
  3. Change Strip orders until you think it is efficient, it has some save-gaps and it is elegant

What to hand in:

  1. Click the printer icon.
  2. print 2 things:
    1. Strips >Vertical 11
    2. Day out of days > Cast members
  3. Hand in a top sheet with an explanation of your rationale for scheduling

Save your projects to RTF 388T Folder