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Log on to Macintosh computer in the "Moody College Lab" and CMB 4.130


To run the client software to log in go to Macintosh HD > Applications> and find the "Loginto Editshare-2014" script and double click it.

The IP address will automatically load and you can type in your Username = your EID and the PW which is the Class # (346 for example)

Don't use your EID password that will not work.

Another way to access is:

go to Applications and Launch EditShare Connect

Type in the EditShare server
IP address

User Name will be your EID
PW will be the number of the class you are in. Not your EID password!!

330 or 335 or 346 will be your password depending on what class you are in.

If you are using AVID. When the client application launches type go to >Settings>choose Enable Avid Style and Avid AFP

On the left side of the window choose what volume you want to access. Then on the right side choose >Mount>afp

The volume chosen will mount. The Icon on the desktop will look like this example.

When finished with your AVID session the volume will need to be unmounted. Go to the EditShare Client and choose to "Unmount all"

Wait till the volume is unmounted from the desktop.

Then select the "Quit" button.

Now it is safe to logout of the computer edit station.