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The day of your big event is fast approaching and you want to get the word out. These guidelines and tips will help you get your event in front of the right audience in order to meet your participation and attendance goals. For very high profile events, please contact Nick Hundley for guidance.

Tips for making your event stand out:

  1. Keep your event title short, descriptive, and to the point.
  2. Provide a contact person who may be reached at all times.
  3. Use the description to communicate your event's appeal to a wide audience.
  4. Be sure to indicate whether your event is free and/or open to the public.

Listed below are several resources to help you get the word out. Submission deadlines may vary.

University Resources

Social Media

The easiest, timely, and cost effective method of publicizing your event is through social media. There are a variety of avenues you can use.


The Moody College has a Facebook page to which events can be posted.


Moody has a college-wide Twitter account and there are several other programs and offices that have Twitter identities. (see Social Media Directory).

Event Calendars/Newsletters

Submitting the event to campus calendars is a good way to get increased exposure.

Digital and Physical Signage

Advertisements for events may be submitted for display on the college's Digital Signage. Posters may be put up around campus (though posters and flyers may not be placed in or around the Belo Center for New Media).

News Media

There isn't a whole lot of motivation on the press's part to generate attendance to an event, particularly if the event is open only to a select audience (as in academic peers, students, corporate partners, etc.). Event publicity isn't their job, unless the event has a wide general appeal.

As a general rule, we suggest you try to interest reporters in covering an event as it happens, rather than prior to the event. But obviously, you must think ahead, and begin to generate press interest prior to the event.

To make your event appealing to a reporter, it helps to:

    • Make the event open to the public
    • Invite the reporter and offer exclusive access for interviews with high-profile presenters
    • Frame the activities or topics of the event in a manner that relates to current topics in the news
    • Work with presenters to identify new information that will be presented at the event (it helps if the information has high public interest or even controversy)
    • Let reporters know about interesting guests or attendees

Other Community Communications Channels

Austin American Statesman and

To submit your event online, go to the events page. For the print version, e-mail The Austin American-Statesman also publishes a new weekly calendar that includes Central Texas lectures, seminars, conferences and academic events at universities and colleges, museums, convention centers, etc. so if your event falls under these categories, email them to or call Angela Grayson at 512-445-1776.

This news blog is updated daily and features a weekly IST list of recommended events. Submit your event for consideration at the IST List.

Austin Business Journal

To submit business-related events with the ABJ for a fee of $99 each, go to the calendar listing page to fill out an event form. Non-profits may be able to get their event listed for free; contact the ABJ for more info.

Visit Austin Metro Entertainment for information on submitting your event(s) for consideration.

Austin Monthly

Submissions must be received several months in advance. Email

Austin Chronicle

The Chronicle is published every Thursday. Info is due the Monday of the week prior to the issue in which you wish to have your event published. Listings are printed on a space-available basis. Submit your event with the event submission form.

The Daily Texan

This publication is focused on news and events happening at the university, so it is often a productive step to send them a press release regarding your event. Send releases to Remember that reporters are UT students and they are often on tight deadlines, so give them the essential information that will help them quickly understand the context of the event, and the reason why it is important for faculty, staff and students.

Texas Monthly

Submissions must be received at least six months in advance. Use the online contact form and click on “Comment on our event listings.”

Texas Tribune

For consideration of your event in the Tribune, go to the event page and click on the “Submit your event” online form.

KUT Radio

KUT publishes events of interested to the UT community on their community calendar. To submit an event, use the online form.


Post event submissions on the community calendar.


To submit your event, go to the upcoming events page.

KXAN-TV News 36 (NBC)

To submit your event, use the community event submission form.

Time Warner Cable News (formerly Austin News 8)

To submit your event, go to the community page.

KLBJ-AM 590 News Radio

Submit events to

KGSR-FM 107.1

Submit events to

KOOP-FM 91.7

Submit events to

Downtown Austin

This online resource focuses mainly on events happening in the downtown area. To submit an event go to the events calendar and click on the “submit an event” link.

Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau

This online resource mainly lists events with the purpose of attracting tourists; however, certain university events are often included. To submit your event for consideration, fill out the event submission form at the events calendar.

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