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Written by Susanne Kraft,

After shooting the footage at 1080 23.98
Back up the SDHC card to hard drive

The File structure of the folder containing the
AVCHD files will look like this

This is a more exaggerated view of the folders
and the file structure of the cards.

The file structure must stay like this or the
editing software will not be able to transcode the files.



Copy the whole “Private” folder from the SDHC card to your hard drive to back up the native AVCHD files before they are transcoded in Final Cut Pro
Don’t open this folder just copy the whole thing over to your back up drive. 

Remember if you have multiple cards you will have to make folders for every card so the “Private” folder is not overwritten when backing it up.
It is recommended that the files are backed up to two hard drives in case one of the hard drives or media becomes corrupted.  

So back up the SDHC Cards to Two separate places.  (Two separate hard drives or a computer/server/and hard drive. 

Transfer server is not a permanent backup because it gets wiped every Monday at 3AM.)

•    The Second step is to transcode the AVCHD files to Quicktime and bring into Final Cut Pro
•    In Final Cut Pro, Set your “Scratch Disk” to the hard drive that you will use for editing.
•    Choose Final Cut Pro > System Settings, then click the Scratch Disks tab.
      This is where transcoded quicktime media will be stored.
•    In the Final Cut Pro Browser, choose an Easy Setup

Choose Apple ProRes 422 > 23.98 fps
Use the AJA KONA 3-1080psf 23.98 Apple ProRes 422
Then Click on “Setup”

•    Choose File > Log and Transfer (or press Command-Shift-8).
•    Any mounted SDHC cards folders that have been backed up should appear in the Browse area.
To add all the clips to the Queue select all of them in the Transfer Window and click on “Add Selection to Queue”
All the clips will begin the transcoding process and load into the selected logging bin in final cut pro.

Close the Log and Transfer window.
•    After all the footage is transcoded in to Final Cut Pro check the frame rate of the files.  Right click on the file and select >Item Properties > Format

The files should be just like the one shown below.
Frame Size: 1920 x 1080 23.98 Apple ProRes 422. 
If the file is not this frame rate will have to adjust Final Cut Pro Easy set up to reflect the correct aspect ratio and frame rate.  Ask for Tech Staff assistance if needed.