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Create a Footprints ticket with ITS and specify the following in your request:

  • Resource Name – This is generally of the form “<Bldg> <Room#>”, for example, CMA 2.134.
  • Resource Type – Specify 'Room Resource'
  • Room Owner - Specify 'AUSTIN\COMM-RoomOwner' and 'AUSTIN\khaled'
  • State that the resource NOT be populated in these users’ Outlook calendar view (to prevent overloading of user's Exchange client trying to load large numbers of rooms upon login, if the requested resource list is a long one)

For room resources, the following Y/N options should be specified:

  • Allow conflicting meeting requests? NO
  • Allow repeating meetings? YES
  • Forward meeting requests to delegates? NO
  • Enable Resource Booking Attendant (AutoAccept)? YES

(Note: server-side, we can optionally specify delegates for you, but not set their permissions. That requires logging into the mailbox directly.)

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