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What is it?

General Liability Insurance (sometimes referred to as "Production Insurance") covers THIRD PARTY PROPERTY DAMAGE IN THE UNITED STATES and is provided in case you film off campus and property belonging to someone else is damaged due to your film shoot.  There is a $500  deductible.  Note that there are exclusions*.  Students enrolled in a University of Texas RTF production class, and doing a project for academic credit, are covered under this policy, as are The RTF Department, The UTLA Program, The University of Texas at Austin, The University of Texas System, & The University Board of Regents. 
How much does it cost a production student?  $32.64/pdn student/class/semester – included as part of an insurance bundle (liability, equipment replacement, & accident)
What if a location or rental house requires proof we have liability coverage?
1)  General Certificate of Insurance contact for a copy of the document. You may give them a copy of this and it will cover most needs.       
2)  City of Austin has a separate Certificate.   If you film in a City Park or other City of Austin Property (like Austin Studios), the City requires a liability policy before they will allow you to reserve the property for your film shoot. Contact for a copy of the document.
3)  Any other location or rental house that needs to be added as an "additional loss/payee" and named on the policy needs a new Certificate. EMAIL GLORIA IF YOU NEED A CERTIFICATE ISSUED TO ANY ENTITY OTHER THAN THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS OR THE CITY OF AUSTIN.  Provide name of entity, physical address, and contact information as well as your filming dates.
4)  Please email Gloria with brief details about all your off-campus film projects as they come up: class/dates/where/how much money did you spend.  This information is needed for tracking purposes: number of off campus film shoots, budget for film projects number of projects done in the course of a year
Who can use it?  Any U.T. student currently enrolled in an RTF production class or the Semester in LA Program.  Note the exclusions below.
What did we do before we had this insurance?
1)  I obtained this kind of insurance for individual students when it was required by a location or a rental house, the minimum cost for a week or less was $100/film shoot.  Cost paid by the student.

2)  Student purchased their own insurance.

3)  Not everyone's film projects were covered.   This makes the student (in charge of the shoot) responsible for all damages.
Examples of when it will be used:
        1)  You accidentally break a window.  This insurance will pay to replace the window.

        2)  You film on City of Austin property (such as Austin Studios).  The insurance meets the  City of Austin's minimum insurance requirements, making it possible for you to use their  facility

        3) You rent additional camera gear from Gear or Chapman Leonard.  The insurance meets the rental houses' minimum LIABILITY insurance requirements, making it possible for you to rent from them.
What does it NOT COVER? *  These are excluded from the RTF Policy:

  1.   Feature films
  2.   Pyrotechnics (of*any*kind)
  3.   Stunts
  4.   Livestock
  5.   Vehicles
  6.   Crew or cast members
  7.   International travel

What happens if the project is not covered under our current policy?   Student must purchase insurance on his/her own and cost is borne by the student.

What if I need to submit a claim?
        1)  Contact Gloria via phone or email (471-4136 or
        2)  Provide Gloria with a written account of what happened.  Email to her is fine.
        3)  RTF Staff will first check to verify you are indeed enrolled in a current RTF production class before submitting a claim.
        4)  RTF Staff will contact UT System Office of Risk Management.
        5)  RTF Staff will contact you, the student, with any additional information required by UT System.  This will include, but is not limited to, proof of damage (like a photograph) and value/replacement cost.
        6)  RTF Staff will stay in contact with you, the student, and the property owner until the claim is resolved.

General Liability Certificates Currently Available to Students Currently Enrolled in an RTF Class:


13 GL END attachments - UT Film.pdf




GL13-14Cityof AustinParks.pdf
















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