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First Sign into your Google account

Go to Gmail

Click on the Magnifying glass to search for someone to chat with

Type in a name of the person you want to invite to your google hangout

Select the person you want to hang out with

Send them an invite to start the "hangout"

When you are connected with them Click on the Video Camera Icon to start a Video Call

Choose to allow Google Plus to use your camera and microphone on the computer

Allow to turn on the webcam

You will see yourself in the webcam

If you have a powerpoint to get it to look right open "Power Point" go to >Slide Show>
Set Up Show>

Choose to Browsed by an individual (window)

Click OK

Click on Presenter View on Power Point

Click on Screenshare to share the Power Point with the "hangout"

Choose what screen your want to share

In our case we want to share the "Entire Screen" in power point

Choose Share

Can navigate the slides as normal

When you want to switch back to viewing your full screen webcam click on Stop Screensharing