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How to downconvert HDCAM to Digibeta 2/26/09

Digibeta deck setup

DigiBeta deck: (Slightly pull out front panel of deck) Set these switches on top of pull out front panel---Timecode on ‘External’

On the front of the deck set the Video + Audio input channels on SIF.


Digibeta out to NTSC Monitor A in.


(HDCam DownConvert) SD SDI DwnCvt out to Digibeta SDI in. 23.98 or 59.94 REF out to HDCam REF in.


HDCam TC out to Digibeta TC in. Digibeta Ch 1 out to Audio Monitor to monitor audio.

HD Deck

HDCam machine preset on 23.98 fps or 59.94 depending on what the frame rate the tape is. Look at the green lights to tell you what frame rate the deck is booted.

To change the frame rate on HDCAM:

1. Push the Maintenance Button - Located near the bottom left corner of the display screen (with a pen tip or similar device). 2. Hold “SFT” (shift) key & press “F8” key (MAINT/EXEC) 3. Press “F9” key (OTHERS/CHECK)

4. Press “F9” key (SYSTEMS MENU) 5. Press “F2” key to cycle through selections of frame rates (use 1 for 23.98 or 4 for 29.97) 6. Press “F9” key (EXECUTE) 7. The system will reboot automatically To Dub:

1. Put DIGIBETA tape in deck. 2. Put HD tape in deck and rewind 3. Hit Play on HD tape, press Record + Play on DIGIBETA deck (There must be 15

seconds of bars before picture starts).

Check DIGIBETA deck

Audio knobs pushed in (preset) audio at -20 DIGIBETA TC matches the timecode on the HDCAM master. Image looks good should be letterboxed