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Hazer Training


Who: Students enrolled in an RTF production class that has cameras allocated to it EXCEPT 318.  If you have previously taken this training, you do not have to take it again.



Feb. 8    from 10-10:30am in HSM 2.102 (Equipment Checkout)

Feb. 14 from 2-2:30pm in HSM 2.102 (Equipment Checkout)

Feb. 15 from 11-11:30am in HSM 2.102 (Equipment Checkout)


Where: RTF Equipment Checkout (HSM 2.102D)


Why:  The Hazer is for use indoors only and requires training.


Note: You do not need to sign up for the training, but you must attend the entire session.  If you come late or leave early, that does not count as attending.  If you attend training, but are not in a class that has access to restricted equipment, you cannot use the equipment.  If you do not participate or pay attention, you will not get credit for attending. 

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