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Texas Film Commission:               

Austin Film Society:                      

City of Austin:




Keefe Boerner                                  471-9253                       CMA 3.102

            Assistant Director-Production Services 

Larry Horvat                                     471-6565                       HSM 2.102

           Equipment Reservations

Lauren Castro                                  471-6565                       HSM 2.102

           Equipment Reservations

Destiny Willman                               471-6565                       HSM 2.102

           Equipment Reservations         

Bert Herigstad                                  471-4191                       CMA 6.120

            Filming on Campus

            Filming Involving Weapons & Simulated Violence

Wendy Stuessy (undergraduate students) or Mona Syed (graduate students)             471-4136                       CMA 6.120

            Insurance Questions & Claims

            Student Production Support (Including Soliciting Donations)

            Film Purchases & Processing


            Financial Bars

            Student Travel

Jeremy Gruy                                    232-2760      CMA 3.102

            Studios Scheduling & Support

Susanne Kraft                                 232-6486       CMA 3.102

            RTF Labs