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1) Call 512-471-6565 or drop by Equipment Checkout (HSM 2.102) to set up an appointment. If you skip this step, your reservation is subject to cancellation!


2) Using Firefox or Chrome, Go to and click “Equipment Reservation System”


3) You will be taken to a sign-in screen:


4) Login and you will be taken to USHER> Services:  Click “RTF” or the film camera icon


5) Which will take you to USHER> Services > Equipment Reservation:



*If you aren't sure what you need, click on one of the helpful links located in the “RTF Equipment Checkout” box, located below the large “Welcome to Equipment Checkout” title.  Please also take note of our hours of operation listed to the right of these links.


6) Change the dates and times to correspond with the appointment you made in Step 1 & click Set Dates.  This will take you to the following page:



*If you use the browser forward and backward buttons, the dates sometimes reset.  If this happens, readjust the dates and times and click “Change Dates.”


7) Make sure that “Available” is checked and that “RTF” is the chosen location.  Then, type Keywords into the search bar to look for equipment. For Example, a search for “headphones” would return:



8) Select items you would like to reserve by clicking “Add to Cart.” If an item has been successfully added to your cart, it will turn purple and say “In your Cart”.  See below:


*Pro Tip: Leave the “Category,” “Brand” and “Model” fields at the default.


9) Repeat steps 7 & 8 until you have reserved all of the equipment you want.  Then click “Proceed to Checkout” or click the shopping cart icon.  You will be taken to a page with a list of items in your cart.  It looks like this:


10) Click “Reserve these items”.  You will be taken to a terms page. Check the box “I agree to comply with these rules” and click “continue”


11) You will be taken to the reservation details page.  Enter the reason for this check out, ie “RTF 366K Project 1”.  Select the correct option from the travel dropdown menu.  Add any other members of your group via their EID (if working in a group).  Answer all questions honestly and click “Continue”.  If you have issues finding an item or questions about your reservation, type that information into the notes to staff field.  This will send an email to Linda and Lauren and give us the opportunity to assist you before you arrive at checkout.  


12) You will be taken to a final confirmation page telling you that your reservation was successful, and giving details of the reservation.  You will also receive an email with this information. *If you do not reach the confirmation page and receive an email, your reservation is NOT complete.


13) If you’ve reached this confirmation page, your reservation is complete! Go to Equipment Checkout (HSM 2.102) at your scheduled appointment time t­o pick up your items.

If you need to make changes to your reservation after you’ve completed it: 
Click the “View Reservation History” button located on the Reservation Confirmation Page and also on the page where you set the dates for a reservation.  As long as it is more than 24 hours before your checkout appointment, you will be able to add or delete items from your reservation.