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How to get your Recorded Audio Files off the Marantz PMD 660 via the USB mode

The PMD660 records directly onto CF cards.  Recordings can then be transferred to your desktop or laptop computer by removing the CF card from the
PMD660, or by connecting the PMD660, to your computer via the USB port.  Audio recorded in the popular MP3 compression format is
directly available for intranet or internet file sharing.

Computer compatible

On your computer you can then:

  • log and archive audio files
  • play audio files
    Save audio files to:
  • your hard drive
  • a floppy disc or USB thumb drive
  • a CD-R disc
  • post streaming audio files on your web site
  • use software and your computer to transcribe digital recordings
  • (Optional) An editing program (Marantz Professional’s PMD Edit application software, available from Marantz Professional for PC users) lets you convert and edit audio files that were recorded on the PMD660.
    How to connect via the USB port

The CF card in the PMD660 appears as an external drive on a connected computer.

  1. Connect the USB cable to the PMD660 and your computer.
  2. From power off, push and hold the COPY/USB button while turning on the PMD660's POWER switch.  "USB" is displayed on the PMD660 screen.
  • The PMD660 cannot be used while in USB mode.
  • The CF card in the PMD660 appears as a removable device on your computer.
  • The audio files are in a folder that is named MPGLANG1.
  • Power off and back on to resume recording or playback on the PMD660.
  • If the PMD660 is not connected to the AC adapter, "Need DC IN" is displayed.
  • The USB connection can only be made active when the PMD660 is off (neither during recording nor playback).


  • Only copy audio files (tracks) to other volumes.
  • Do not modify or delete the EDL file.
  • If the EDL and Virtual Track file is missing or damaged PMD660 will not be able to recognize EDL marks and Virtual Tracks.
  • Do not remove a CF card during USB mode. Data and the CF card can be damaged.
  • See the enclosed CD-ROM for PMDEdit demo software for computer audio file manipulation.
  • PMDEdit is a full featured software suite designed for Marantz Professional digital recorders available for purchase at
    Diagram of file structure

A file titled PMD660 will appear on your computer.  EDL,Virtual Track and a folder (directory) titled MPGLANG1
will also appear.  Files within the MPGLANG1 folder are numbered from aaaaa001 through the number of tracks recorded to a
maximum of aaaaa999.  ("aaaaa" depends on the Machine ID parameter).

The file extension will be .mp3 or .wav depending on the "Rec Format" parameter that is set for the recording.



**Changes made to file names or structures on your computer when the CF card is mounted will prevent file recognition and playback internally in the