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Students must take a test AND sign the Liability and Understanding of Rules forms in order to get access to equipment. RTF 318 students take their test in class. All other students* take their test online. To take the test, please go to: 


After you pass the test, you must come to HSM 2.102 to sign the forms. This gets you a log-on to schedule checkout appointments and reserve equipment. Please do not forget this step.


Who is exempt from the test?

Anyone who took AND passed the test in the spring, summer or fall semester of 2016 is exempt from the test. Everyone else must take the test again.  You must come to HSM 2.102 to sign the forms even if you do not have to take the test.


Questions about this procedure? Please contact Linda & Lauren at:


Note: Creating a log-on is not a high priority for us. Getting equipment to labs is our first priority, followed by getting equipment to people who have reserved equipment. Depending on our workload, creating a log-on can be a quick procedure or it could take time. Students should not procrastinate; they should get a log-on a soon as possible and create their reservations as soon as possible.


* Transfer students and exchange students who took the equivalent of 318 elsewhere; and non-RTF students must meet with RTF staff. They cannot take the test online. If this describes you, please attend one of our two info sessions:

Friday, January 20 from 9-11am in CMA 6.146

Second session TBD- email if you need to attend this session

If you cannot attend either of these sessions, contact Linda & Lauren ASAP.

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