Video Tutorial on Google Drive

Setting up Crestron
Go into Audio Mode

Click on Auxiliary

Click on HDMI Booth Aux

Click on Advanced (Gear Icon)

Click on Surround Sound

Click on the center button “DCP”

Click on Ref Vol Pro

Setting up Projector
Turn on projector fan

Plug Ethernet cord into computer

Go to Network settings

Set up Ethernet IP address to, Subnet Mask

Go to Communicator App

Set Ethernet IP to

Click Connect
Close Projector Error Message window

Select Lamp button, so it’s blue

Select Dowser button, so it’s blue

Go to Chrome, login to browser by going to “”

To access Dolby website, username and password is “doremi”

Go to Control tab > Ingest manager

For Cru Drive : Select a location > Local storage

Select film and then click “Ingest” button
Go to Cinelister > Schedule (This is where you can add or edit an existing show)

Save show, password for manager is "password" > ok

Click on Playback, click play

When finished, remember to turn off lamp, wait 1 minute and then turn off fan

If you ever need to request a key for an encrypted DCP, the IMS2000 Serial Number 320028 server certificates are found here: