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Using the iKey Audio Recorder you can record an audio file (.mp3) of your lecture in BMC 1.202, BMC 2.106, BMC 5.102, and BMC 5.208. 

Choose a microphone from the
drawer in the AV rack

(You can not use the same
colored mics simultaneously. 
Choose a Red and/or Yellow

Adjust the volume for the 

Insert a USB flash drive or an
SD card into the iKey Recorder

Press the RECORD button
to begin recording

A RED icon and the elapsed 
time of the recording will display
on the LCD screen

When the lecture is over, press
the STOP button

The file will be processed and the
file will be saved to the USB flash
drive/SD card 

(do not remove the USB flash
drive/SD card until the file has
finished processing)

Remember to turn off the microphone and return it to the drawer in the AV rack.
Remove your USB flash drive/SD card. Your mp3 audio lecture is ready.
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