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How to get equipment from RTF Equipment Checkout
RTF Equipment Checkout is limited to RTF Production Faculty and RTF Production students who are currently enrolled in a RTF Production class that has equipment allocated to it (Refer to Fall 2013 RTF Equipment Allocation on the RTF website.)
If you are enrolled in a class that gets equipment, go here

Log-in using your eid and your eid password
You will be taken to a page that has several choices.
First thing to do, on the right side of the third tab with the RED BOOKSTACK ICON that says 'Training Catalog'.
On the left will be some folders to find the course, click on the triangle icon to the left of the folders to open the folder 'Training Catalog', then 'RTF Checkout' so that the 'Fall-2013-Rules' training appears in the middle column.

On the right hand column, click on the Enroll button.
When it tells you that you are enrolled, click on VIEW.
That will take you to another page. Click the green button that says OPEN.

If you leave the website and need to log back in to return to the test you will find your materials under the 'My Training' tab.

You will begin the Checkout training and test. Read the slides and click through to the next. Please be careful not to click past the first question of the quiz. One you pass a question without answering it, you cannot go back and it will be counted as an error.
When you are finished the test, you will receive your score. 80 or above is passing. Your score will be reported to Equipment Checkout within 24 hours. You still need to sign the "Rules" and the "Liability" forms and turn these in to Equipment Checkout, HSM 2.102. You can get these documents in HSM 2.102. After you have passed the test and turned in completed paperwork, you will receive a log-on for the RTF production class(es) you are enrolled in and you can begin reserving equipment immediately.
If you did not pass the test, contact Linda or Lauren in Equipment Checkout so they can discuss what you got wrong and why. 512-471-6565 HSM 2.102
Because the system is online and you can view it at your convenience you may be tempted to put it off. Please do this as soon as possible so your access to equipment will not be delayed. 
NOTE: You will be charged $32.64  for Equipment, Student Accident, and Liability insurance. This amount will be billed to your "What I Owe" after the 12th class day. If you are in more than one class, you will see this amount for EACH RTF production class you are enrolled in that gets equipment.  This will show up as a Financial Bar, so you should pay it as quickly as you can because  a Financial Bar can interfere with your ability to add, drop, get a transcript and it could delay any Financial Aid that you are waiting for. 

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