Each room in the CMB1 Behavioral Science Lab is connected to a dedicated iKey RM3 MP3/WAV audio recorder located in the CMB1.109 Control Room. By plugging in a USB stick or SD card, you can record the audio of your sessions for later transcription or analysis.

iKey RM3 MP3/WAV audio recorder




1. Connect a Storage Device - SD Card

Before turning on the audio recorder, ensure the card is inserted into the slot located on the front of the RM3. To connect the card, push the card completely in the slot until it clicks into place. Note: DO NOT FORCE THE CARD IN. To remove the card, slightly push the bottom of the card. It will slide out partially, and then can be pulled out.


SD cards are available for checkout in CMA3.104.



Connect a Storage Device - USB Stick

On the front of the audio recorder is a USB drive slot where a USB memory stick can be connected. The RM3 can both read files for playback and record directly to a USB device connected to this area.

The RM3 unit will only interact with one memory device at a time, and the USB drive gets priority over the SD card. What this means is that when a USB memory stick is connected, only files stored on that device will be viewable. As well, all recordings will be stored on just the USB drive when it is connected.When there is no USB drive connected, the RM3 uses the SD card to read files and store recordings.


2. Set the Recording Quality & Format

Before recording, push the FORMAT/STEREO-MONO button down to alternate between bit rate formats.

We recommend using 256kbps MP3 for most transcription/analysis.

3. Set Levels

Push the Red record button on the USB recorder.  You should see a paused icon appear on the tiny screen with '0:00'

Now is the time to adjust your levels. Practice your recording and adjust the slider for the appropriate microphone until the levels average about 2/3 of the way up on the tiny screen.
This step has the most impact on the quality of your recording. Make sure that your audio levels are never too high to go off the chart or too low as to barely register. Notice the little triangle that marks the 'sweet spot.'

4. Start Recording

Push the Red record button again to begin your recording.  If the numbers are increasing, you are recording. Also, a light will flash below the record button to indicate that the unit is recording.

5. Stop Recording

Push the Stop button to stop your recording. This recording will be saved as a unique file on your storage device. To make another recording, repeat steps 4 to 5.

Files that were recorded by the iKEY M3 are named according to the format of the file and are numbered according to the sequence in which they were recorded. For instance, iKEY_001.MP3, iKEY_001.WAV, iKEY_002.MP3, iKEY_002.WAV


6. Remove your Storage Device

When you are done recording, press stop on the audio recorder, and gently pull your USB drive from the recorder.




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