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If you have questions about or requests for general liability certificates, contact Wendy Stuessy ( at least two weeks in advance of your shoot.


What is it?

General Liability Insurance (sometimes referred to as "Production Insurance") covers third party property damage within the United States.  

There is a $500 deductible. 

Note that there are exclusions. These are excluded from the RTF Policy:

  1.   Feature films
  2.   Pyrotechnics (of*any*kind)
  3.   Stunts
  4.   Livestock
  5.   Vehicles ... anything having to do with any type of moving vehicle cannot be covered
  6.   Crew or cast members
  7.   International travel


Only students enrolled in a University of Texas RTF production class, doing a project for academic credit, are covered under this policy.
How much does it cost a production student?  $32.64/pdn student/class/semester – included as part of an insurance bundle (liability, equipment replacement, & accident)
What if a location requires proof we have liability coverage?
1)  Use the General Certificate of Insurance document below. It will cover most requests.      
3)  Any other location or rental house that needs to be added as an "additional loss/payee" and named on the policy needs a new Certificate. Email Wendy Stuessy ( at least two weeks in advance to ask for the certificate.  Provide name of entity, physical address, and contact information as well as your filming dates.  Last minutes requests cannot be honored.

Examples of when it will be used:
        1)  You accidentally break a window.  This insurance will pay to replace the window.

        2)  You film on City of Austin property (such as Austin Studios).  The insurance meets the  City of Austin's minimum insurance requirements, making it possible for you to use their  facility

        3) You rent additional camera gear from Gear or Chapman Leonard.  The insurance meets the rental houses' minimum LIABILITY insurance requirements, making it possible for you to rent from them.

What happens if the project is not covered under our current policy?   Student must purchase insurance on his/her own and cost is borne by the student.

What if I need to submit a claim?
        1)  Contact Wendy Stuessy ( with a detailed, written account of what happened.

        2)  RTF Staff will first check to verify you are currently enrolled in a RTF production class before submitting a claim to the Risk Mgnt office

        3)  RTF Staff will contact you, the student, with any additional information required by UT System.  This will include, but is not limited to, proof of damage (like a photograph) and value/replacement cost.
        4)  RTF Staff will stay in contact with you, the student, and the property owner until the claim is resolved.

General Liability Certificates Currently Available to Students Currently Enrolled in an RTF Class:

17-18_COI_Austin Independent School District .pdf

17-18_COI_Austin Movie Gear.pdf

17-18_COI_Austin Studios.pdf

17-18_COI_ChapmanLeonard Studio Equipment.pdf

17-18_COI_City of Austin_ABI.pdf

17-18_COI_City of Austin_Cultural Arts Division.pdf

17-18_COI_City of Austin_EGRSO.pdf

17-18_COI_City of Austin_Parks and Rec.pdf

17-18_COI_City of Austin_Purchasing Office.pdf

17-18_COI_City of Austin_Right of Way Management.pdf

17-18_COI_City of Hillsboro.pdf

17-18_COI_Contemporary Austin.pdf

17-18_COI_Enchanted Rock State Natural.pdf

17-18_COI_General Evidence of Insurance.pdf

17-18_COI_Film LA Inc.pdf

17-18_COI_Film Society of Austin.pdf

17-18_COI_FP4 Dobie Center.pdf

17-18_COI_MPS Camera & Lighting_Austin.pdf

17-18_COI_MPS Camera & Lighting_Dallas.pdf

17-18_COI_Radiant Images Inc.pdf

17-18_COI_Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.pdf

17-18_COI_White Sands National Monument.pdf

17-18_COI_Austin State Hospital

17-18_COI_City of Elgin

17-18_COI_Hyde Park Baptist Church.pdf

17-18_ COI _Walnut Creek Sports Park.pdf

17-18_ COI _Monopolies Practice Fields.pdf





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