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What is it? It covers some medical bills for RTF Students and official volunteers injured on a student film shoot.  It covers accidents, not illness.  For instance, a broken leg from your film set would be covered but the flu would not.  Note that pre-existing conditions are not covered and only unpaid cast/crew qualify. 
How much does it cost a production student?

Deductible:  $50  deductible per incident -- this is what YOU owe if you have an accident that requires medical attention.  The policy carries a principle sum of $25,000 maximum medical expense benefit and $10,000 for accidental death and dismemberment per covered student.  It is an "Excess" policy which means if you have your own insurance, you claim on it first and the RTF policy as the secondary; however, if you are not insured, the "Excess" policy will be treated as your primary. 

HCC Participant Claim Form.pdf

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