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What is it?  It covers RTF OWNED EQUIPMENT ONLY and is provided in case equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen.
How much does it cost a production student? 

$32.64/pdn student/class/semester – included as part of an insurance bundle (liability, equipment replacement, & accident). 

This charge was posted to your What I Owe after the 12th class day. 

Deductible: $2,500 PER INCIDENT-- this is what YOU owe if you have a loss, theft, or damage covered by the policy.                         

        1)  Stolen camera valued at $6000:  you pay $2500 and a claim for insurance submitted for $3500.

        2)  Stolen tripod valued at $1000: you pay $1000 as it's under the deductible.

        3)  Stolen camera AND tripod, stolen at the same time: $6000 + $1000 = $7000:  you pay $2500 and RTF files a claim with insurance for $4500. 

             There is no distinction between ownership of multiple items in a single incident but all items must be insured.

        4)  Stolen camera on Monday and stolen tripod on Tuesday:  

             Two incidents:

                        First incident is $6000: you pay $2500 and RTF files claim an insurance for $3500   

                        Second incident is $1000: you pay the full $1000 because it is below the deductible.

       5)  Oops - something wasn't covered under insurance; you pay the entire amount.  This happens most often if the student can not show due diligence was taken to properly care for and safeguard the equipment.

       6)  I don't have the money to pay for the deductible.  What happens?

            We work out a payment plan.  You pay a pre-determined amount every month until the amount is repaid in full.  It must be repaid in full prior to graduation.  If you miss a payment, your records are barred (you cannot register, do adds/drops, get a transcript, or graduate until the bar is paid).

If you rent additional equipment that you want to insure, complete & submit the Temporary Insurance Request Form (below) to Wendy Stuessy ( at least one week in advance. No last minute requests will be accepted.  A thru O must to be filled out completely. Cost for insuring rented equipment will be posted to your What I Owe.

This is for graduate students and undergraduate thesis students only.  The rented equipment must be used on a student film project for academic credit in an UT Austin RTF class.

2017-2018 Temporary Equipment Insurance Request.xlsx

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