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Steps to take with your old computer to get ready for the transition

Note, for all of these steps, the Tech Team is available for remote sessions to help. Call 512 471 1199 or email to set up an appointment

We are NOT doing wholesale user migrations to these new computers as we might have done in the past.  Too much detritus has been migrated over the years from one computer to the next. You will be starting fresh with these new computers. Do the following:

  1. Export your bookmarks.  Follow instructions here for your favorite web browser: Once you have bookmarks exported, save it to Box 
  2. Make sure you have all of your email in the Office365 cloud. Most of you will already be set but for some of you that have been on campus for a while, we want to make sure you don’t have local email folders saved only on your old computer. All email folders and organization should be in the cloud.  If you have questions about this, compare Outlook on your current computer to what you see when you log into the web version of Outlook. Whatever you see on the web version of Outlook is what will be available on your new computer.
    1. Log on to
    2. Click Outlook Web Access
    3. Log in with your EID and password
  3. Make sure your important documents are in Box.  All of the new computers have Box Drive installed which will facilitate moving your important data. 
    1. Alternatively, you can back files up to an external USB storage device but you’ll need to manage that move from the old computer to the new. 

Old computer drop off

Please bring your old computer in on the day of pick up and leave it in your office for the Tech Team. It will be wiped and returned to inventory.

Steps to take to pick up your new computer

A representative from the Tech Team should be on campus during our pick up. Please call 512 471 1199 if you need help.

  1. Please sign up for a pick up time:

  2. At your designated pick up time, head to campus and park as you normally would during a regular semester or use the meters. There is no arrangement for parking near our buildings for this task.
  3. Your computer is in your office.
  4. Login to your new computer with your UT-EID to establish your account. Do this before you unplug your computer from its wired internet connection in your office.
    1. At initial login with your EID, you may be asked to authorize the EID account for setup and encryption.  Here you will use your local admin credentials.  Everyone has a local admin account on the computer with the username comm-lastname (example: comm-dehass) and instructions on the password format will have been emailed to you.
    2. Don’t operate your computer under this local admin account for day-to-day operations. There is a security risk in doing so. Only use your local admin credentials to make system changes or software additions when prompted. Always login with your EID for normal work.
  5. You’ll get some Apple welcome screens regarding Apple ID, Siri activation, Touch ID,  Display settings etc.  You can choose to take care of these at initial login or skip and do any of them later.   You don’t need to activate any of them.
  6. Connect to the utexas WiFi network using your EID. This way it is set for the next time you visit campus. See this webpage for instructions:
  7. While you are on campus and connected to a fast network, set up your Microsoft Outlook account and download your email from the cloud. Remember to add all of the in-boxes for which you currently are authorized.
  8. Download any files from UTBox that you need to store on your new machine. Remember that you can keep files in UTBox and access them via Box Drive at any time.
  9. Import your browser bookmarks.
  10. Call the Moody Tech Team (512 471 1199) and ask them to configure UT Backup.

Someone from the Tech Team will be on campus to help with any questions that can’t be managed remotely while you are there to pick up the computer.  We will also be available for remote sessions.  

Adapters, mice, and monitors

Every MacAir came with a USB-C to HDMI/USB adapter and a single USB adapter. They are still in the boxes. You can use the USB adapter to connect your MacBook to any USB device. You can use the HDMI/USB adapter to connect your MacBook to your external monitor (if appropriate) via an HDMI cable.

If you want to use a regular keyboard instead of the MacBook’s please take the USB keyboard from your office before you leave.

The MacBook’s power supply is being used on the laptop. Don’t forget it!

We are using the network port in your office to complete the setup of your EID account on these computers. Please leave the USB-C network adapter (branded “QGeem”) on your desk and we will retrieve it later. These belong to the Tech Team and we need these to build computers in the future and/or to hand out to faculty or staff in a pinch. If you need one because you are connected to home ethernet via a cat-5 network cable (not WiFi), then you can take it, just let us know by dropping us an email. Please don’t take it if you can connect to reliable WiFi at home.

Some of you have a new Apple Bluetooth mouse that is paired with your computer. Don’t feel left out if there wasn’t one at your desk; we are waiting for more to arrive. Be aware there is a Lighting cable that goes with it to charge it when it’s low on power. Some of you with existing Apple Magic Mice in the offices were set up with those.

If you requested an external monitor, it is in your office on a stand. It connects to your computer via HDMI cable, and the HDMI adapter.

Please leave the USB-C to Ethernet adapter in the office

The new computer in your office is connected to the wired network with a USB-C to Ethernet adapter labelled “Tech Team” and/or branded “QGeem”.   Please leave these in your office for us to pick up later.   We need them for other deployments and faculty/staff needs.  If by chance you connect to your home network with an ethernet cable, then by all means take one with you but let us know if you do.   Otherwise leave them behind.   

Again, for all of these steps, the Tech Team is available for remote sessions to help. Call 512 471 1199 or email to set up an appointment

Before you leave your office (quick checklist)

  • Add your email accounts to your Outlook and allow your emails time to download from the Office 365 cloud.
  • If you need any of your files to be saved on your hard drive instead of UT Box, download them.
  • Import your browser bookmarks.
  • Open Zoom to make sure your account is properly configured and that you can attend/schedule virtual meetings.
  • Open Teams to make sure that you are properly connected and configured.
  • Open any other software that you use frequently to ensure that it is properly configured.
  • Please leave your old computer in your office for the tech team to pick up.

Make sure to take with you (quick checklist)

  • MacBook
  • Power Cable
  • Wireless mouse (if one is in your office)
  • Lightening power cable for mouse (if the mouse is in your office is new)
  • External monitor (if you requested one, it is in your office on a stand)
  • Power cable for your eternal monitor (if you requested a monitor)
  • HDMI cable to connect your monitor (if you requested a monitor)
  • HDMI/USB adapter
  • USB adapter
  • USB keyboard, if you want it.
  • DO NOT TAKE: USB-C network adapter (branded “QGeem”) unless you need it. Email the tech team if you take it with you.

Cheers and happy computing!