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Please use Firefox web browser on a MAC to open these forms. 

Open only in Adobe Acrobat Pro

Please use Internet Explorer on a PC.

Please go to the following link and access the form you are seeking:

this link. 

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Faculty Travel Grant Program

Online Application:

Online Information:

Link to Handbook of Business procedures

**********Please submit all receipts as soon as possible.   Entertainment reimbursements must be submitted immediately after event, you only have 30 days to be reimbursed.  If over 30 days, you may not be reimbursed. All other reimbursements 60 days + will require additional paperwork and it may not be approved.  If approved, it will be taxed and paid via payroll.***************************

Journalism Accounting Policies

*All forms need to be pre-approved, except for Record of Travel

Request for Travel (RTA)

*signature is required from R.B. Brenner

*need RTA at least 5 days in advance

*RTA needs to be pre-approved

RTA vs. APS  vs. AIS for Guest Speakers/Conference

*If paying a guest for Travel expenses *ONLY (airfare & hotel paid directly) your guest will need to fill out the following forms: APS (paper)

*If paying a guest for Honorarium *ONLY your guest will need to fill out the following forms: AIS (electronic), Payee Information Form and copy of picture ID.

*If paying a guest for *BOTH Travel expenses and Honorarium your guest will need to fill out the following forms:  AIS (electronic) Payee Information Form, & copy of picture.  All need to be turned in to me at least 3 weeks before the event.

*If a guest is being paid for both travel expenses and Honorarium and your guest is International, there are additional forms to fill out and please come and see me as soon as possible.


*Blanket APS (paper)

*Payee Information Form (for honorarium pay or airfare/taxi reimb only)

*Copy of picture ID (for honorarium pay or airfare/taxi receipts reimb only)

 Purchase Request

 *Any type of supply needs to be requested in writing and signed for (can also be requested by e-mail, but needs to be signed by requester).

Notice of Receipt

*Signature is required by requester when supplies have arrived 

Supply Orders

*Supply orders will be made once a month

*If you take the last of anything, please let me know, supply list on cabinet door

Official Occasion Form

*Any food event needs to be pre-approved, please fill out the form

*Remember Journalism Entertainment Policy, estimated amount of $1,000 + require pre-approval signature from Dean's office too

Record of Travel

 *Breakdown of travel expenses for reimbursement

Faculty Travel Grant

 *$1200 travel grant

*online application needs to be turned in 2 weeks in advance, my UTEID: joneslg

*Don't forgot to submit an RTA to me so that the Faculty Travel Grant application can be approved

ProCards-University Credit Card

*sign out card

*return card, sign in card and submit receipt

*fill out ProCard Trasmittal Form for receipt

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