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Designed to mount easily to virtually any SDI or HDMI equipped video camera, Ki Pro Mini connects directly to your camera's digital output and captures full quality footage to Compact Flash (CF) media in Apple ProRes 422 or Avid DNxHD formats. When it's time to edit, just remove the CF media, transfer to your computer via card reader, and the footage is ready to use straight away in your editing software, without the need for additional import or transcoding steps.

Manual: Ki_Pro_Mini_Manual_v4.2.pdf

Format: Format the KiPro mini

Record: Record with the KiPro mini

Workflow: KiPro Mini workflow

Capture Video: Capture video from the KiPro mini

Use with Sony F5: KiPro Mini and Sony F5 Easy Setup Guide

Quick Start Guide: CMB 4.130 TV Production Control Room - KiPro Mini Recorder

Easy Setup: AJA - Ki Pro Mini - Easy Setup