Note you will need 4 AA batteries 2 for each piece

Lavs come with two very similar looking pieces, a transmitter and a receiver.

Transmitter is the end with the microphone connected to it

Receiver is the end that will plug into the Camera

Plug the AF Out

Plug the other end to the Audio Input 2 of the camera

Here is the Receiver plugged into an audio mixer if you are using an audio mixer

Plug the AF output into the Audio Receiver

Plug the mic into the transmitter Mic/Line input

The Transmitter is connected to the microphone.

Attach the transmitter to the talent as shown here.

Start with the mic about 8 inches below your talent's chin and adjust it from there until it sounds natural in your headphones.

Make sure both units have 2 AA batteries each.

Turn on each one by flipping down the case that holds the batteries and turn on the ON/OFF button till the ON light turns red for ON

ON light turns red for ON

Out of the box, the transmitter and receiver should have matching frequencies, meaning they can talk to each other wirelessly

Make sure the frequency presets match

Ex: B Ch. 6 2 shown here make sure they both match

To Change the frequency

On the transmitter or receiver, press SET to activate the menu.

Press up/down buttons to select "Frequency Preset"

Use the Up and Down arrow buttons to change the frequency

To Set frequency hit SET

Stored will show up when the frequency is saved.

then hit the on/off button to get out of the menus.