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Lecturer use of RTF equipment
Lecturers may use RTF equipment (production and post) subject to the following conditions:

  • RTF equipment/facilities must be used for personal projects and may not be used on projects for a client.


  • Check-outs are limited to 50 items.


  • Availability of production equipment and post facilities is not guaranteed, and lecturers, like tenured and tenure-track faculty, are prioritized after student and class demands.


  • Availability of technical staff is not guaranteed, and check-outs and use of equipment are subject to staff availability.


  • The number of check-outs a lecturer may schedule and the length of time a lecturer may have equipment checked out is limited by #3 and #4 noted above.


  • With a sound mixer no longer on staff, lecturers should not expect to have one provided for them.


  • The lecturer must secure equipment insurance through the RTF office if he/she intends to check out production equipment.


  • The lecturer must be currently employed by the university:


    • A lecturer employed during a spring semester may access equipment/facilities from the first day of spring classes through the day prior to summer classes starting.


    • A lecturer employed during a summer semester may access equipment/facilities from the first day of summer classes through the last day of finals for 2nd session summer classes.


    • A lecturer employed during a fall semester may access equipment/facilities from the first day of fall classes through the day prior to spring classes starting.


    • A lecturer who is not teaching during the summer may use RTF equipment/facilities over the summer IF that lecturer taught in the spring semester which precedes it AND is scheduled to teach in the fall semester which follows.


    • A lecturer whose employment is not continuing to the following semester MUST have all equipment returned by the last day of that semester as defined above. All files on post-production hard drives should also be removed by that date.

(last updated 04/01/16)

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