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Light Stands

Light Stand



Used For

American Stand, DOUBLE Riser

Stand with 8 knobs and small spuds

Raising Heavy Lights

American Stand, TRIPLE Riser

Stand with 7 knobs and small spuds

Raising Heavy Lights

Lightweight Blade Stand


For static support of 1K's, In-Betweenies, Mole Solarspots

Rolling Stand, SMALL (left)

Stand with baby spud

For rolling support of 1K's, In-Betweenies, Mole

Rolling Stand, LARGE (right)

Stand with Junior (1 1/8") female

For rolling support of HMI's

Light Mounts

Light Mount



Used For

Base Plate

Circular Plate with spud

For mounting on a drillable apple box or a flat surface parallel to the ground

Wall Plate

Rectangular plate with spud

For screwing into walls to mount lights on

Gaffer Grip

Grip with 2 spuds, also called "alligator clamp"

For mounting small lights on spuds

Mafer Clamp

Clamp with snap in pin for 5/8" Mafer  

For clamping onto surfaces with more control, spud for mounting a small light, more flexible than the Gaffer Grip

Scissor Mount

Mount with a scissor like lock

Locks into place, can mount a light

Baby to Spud Adapter


Adapter to mount a smaller light