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Susanne Kraft


How to use the Mag Dubber

1. Thread the mag stock through the mag dubber as shown in this image. Remember that dull side is the side that the sound is recorded. Load the mag with dull side to the play heads of the mag dubber. Shiny side won’t record anything.

2. Mag Dubber set up- Switch this to LINE at all times except when outputting from ProTools in the Mix Theater.

3. Turn power on here and ignore other buttons for now

4. Make sure the Record Amplifier switch is in the up position

5. Turn on green Power button, Set to 24 FPS not 25 and set to Local not Interlock

6. These are the buttons that should be illuminated

7. On the Mackie Mixer set playback levels from source to send to Mag Dubber

14. To rewind the mag stock on to reel cut the mag at the end and let spool off by pressing play. Put on new reel to rewind the mag stock that has recorded the sound.

15. Thread the mag on the dubber as shown below

16. Make sure the dubber is set to CCW then press REWIND to rewind the stock