Purchasing Procedures

Procedures for IT procurement have been adopted at the campus level since 2013.  These procedures mirror practices already established at the Moody College, with some minor changes.  The procedures are specified thus:

  • Computing devices (laptops, desktops, iPads, tablets, etc.) or any IT related purchase that will result in tagged UT inventory must be processed using purchase orders.
  • All units creating purchase orders for a computing device are required to have the college IT Help Desk  approve purchases and  inventory, install and secure the devices once the arrive.  This includes, but is not limited to laptops, desktops, tablets, iPads, etc.
  • All units creating purchase orders for a computing device shall specify the destination for delivery as the address of college IT Help Desk.
  • All units creating purchase orders for a computing device will specify the name and EID of the intended recipient so that the Tech Team can accurately assign the item in inventory and ISORA reports.

Technology Services consults with faculty, staff and administrators about their technology plans. Tell us where you want to take your program or course, and the Tech Team will help you figure out the specifics. Our mission is to support all of the computing and technology needs for the College, therefore, all computer-related purchases must be pre-approved by the Tech Team if you wish them to be supported by the Tech Team. Items not approved may not be supported.

The College of Communication Technology Team does not support equipment that the team did not review and approve prior to its purchase. This is so we can be sure what is ordered meets the needs of the users. In our review, we will check things like network interfaces, cables, etc. and determine whether the products are compatible with existing equipment or future plans. Also, a pre-purchase review gives the Tech Team a "heads up" on what equipment will be arriving in the near future. Finally, members of the Tech Team serve on various University-wide technology committees and therefore need to have a full picture of the College's technology purchases.

The Tech Team may steer you towards a product someone else in the College is already using. This streamlines support by allowing the Tech Team to focus their knowledge on a smaller number of hardware items. It's also nice to have neighbors with whom you can compare stories and from whom you can borrow supplies in an emergency.

To request a quote for IT equipment or software, please submit an IT Request via our Moody ticketing portal: 

Here's what we need to know about your purchases:

  • What unit/lab/faculty member/research group/etc. is the item for?
  • What is the intended use of the equipment? Is it a teaching lab, a "personal" system, or a shared system?
  • Where will the equipment be used?
  • Is there a budget within which we must work?
  • Is it being bought on a grant?
  • Provide an account number. If accounting codes apply, supply those as well.

Grant Review

All technology equipment purchases made with grant funding must be approved through Moody Grants office.  Purchasers should contact Tania Tost for approvals on all sponsored 26 accounts.  This can be accomplished at the requisition stage in UT Market/PO process by FYA a copy to Tania. The Grants office may require justification wording on specific items, to be provided by the principle investigator(s).

Receiving Address and Moody IT Receiving Smartsheet

Departmental tech purchases and deliveries should be made to CMA 3.104, Purchasing and Ship-to Center: U-877.  The address for which is: 

The University of Texas at Austin

Moody Tech Receiving

300 W. Dean Keeton St., Stop A9999

BMC 5.104

Austin, TX 78712-1838

Check the status of IT purchases received at BMC 5.104 or CMA 3.104 Purchasing Centers here:   Moody IT Receiving Excel Online

Purchaser can use the above Excel online link to easily check the receipt status of an item with the Moody IT team and record the purchasing receipt ID.  Entries are arranged by UT PO.  Date received is not recorded until all items on a line are received.  

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