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UT tag



Mouse status

External monitor


Pickup date and time

UT Backup configured (y/n)?

Old computer left (y/n)?

Power stip

Alexia ApolloBMC 2.328MacAirA42745deployednew mouseexternal monitor deployedMon 11/16 (8 - 11 am)Yes - EID assignment fixed by ITSYesleft in office 12/16
Lauren BrownBMC 2.608DMacBook Pro 13"
deployednew mouseno external monitor requested12/16/20

took home 12/16
Wendy BoggsBMC 2.324MacAirA42746deployednew mouseno external monitor requestedFri 11/20 (8 - 11 am)yesyesleft in office 12/16
Tina Carterout of stateMacAirA42756Tina already had a brand new MBP 13" 

A21597.  No need to move her to this MacAir.  MacAir will be held for other people in UE Advising

she had a paired mouse with her MBPto be ordered - with HDMI cable.  NOTE:  If we order a Dell it will come with all the necessary cables. 11/30/20 yes


she kept her existing brand new MBP 13"

gave to Scott for handoff Dec 21/22.
Kyle ClarkBMC 2.608CMacBook Pro 13"
deployednew mouseMonitors ordered, delivered and set up in his office11/30/20
MBP 891448 left as templeft in office 12/16
Jennifer de HaasBMC 2.332MacAirA42751deployednew mouseexternal monitor deployedTh 11/19 (2 - 5 pm)yesyesleft in office 12/16
Lorena DominguezBMC 2.336MacAirA42743deployednew mousehas an existing monitor on standTh 11/19 (11 am - 2 pm)yesyesleft in office 12/16
Christian FredericksBMC 2.318MacAirA42753deployednew mouseHe was given a monitor on a stand but he says he has one at home he likes. He'd like one in his office too for when he is on campus however I told him we need to use the one on the stand for someone else and put one back on the arm.  Moving this monitor to AlexiaMonday 11/16 2-5 pmyesyesleft in office 12/16
Elena C Hernandez LozanoBMC 2.608AMacAirA42741deployednew mouse

no external monitor requested

not deployed

left in office 12/16
Charles JonesBMC 2.602MacBook Pro 16"
deployednew mouseno external monitor requested

left in office 12/16
Jenny JonesBMC 2.504MacAirA42754deployednew mouseno external monitor requestedFri 11/20 (2 - 5 pm)

left in office 12/16
Tessa LancasterBMC 2.330MacAirA42747deployed

new mouse

external monitor deployedTues 11/17 (2 - 5 pm)yes
left in office 12/16
Colleen MorganBMC 2.604MacAirA42738deployednew mousehas an existing monitor on standFri 11/20 (11 - 2 pm)yes - ITS fixed Colleen's EID assignment and it is now workingyesleft in office 12/16
Leece NaxeraBMC 2.606MacAirA42744deployednew mouseexternal monitor deployedFri 11/20 (2 - 5 pm)

handed off in person 12/16
Xavier OaksBMC 2.406MacAirA42740deployednew mousehas an existing monitor on standWed 11/18 (8 - 11 am)yesyesleft in office 12/16
Damon O'BrienBMC 2.322MacAirA42749deployednew mouseexternal monitor deployedTues 11/17 (11 am - 2 pm)yesyesleft in office 12/16
Cindy PatinoBMC 2.316MacAirA42750deployednew mouseexternal monitor deployedWed 11/18 (8 - 11 am)yesyesleft in office 12/16
Allicyn PhillipsBMC 2.320MacAirA42752deployednew mouseexternal monitor deployed11/11/20?? picked up early
left in office 12/16
Jennifer PorrasBMC 2.334MacAirA42748deployednew mouseexternal monitor deployed11/30/20 3pmyesyesleft in office 12/16
Amy SchmidtBMC 2.502MacAirA42755deployednew mouse

external monitor deployed from one of Cassandre's Dell's from her office. CGA's monitor needs to be replaced.

Wed 11/18 (11 am - 2 pm)noyes, in BMC 5.346left in office 12/16
Sarah SuttonBMC 2.608EMacAirA42742deployednew mouseno external monitor requested

left in office 12/16
Theresa ThomasBMC 2.326MacAirA42739deployednew mouseexternal monitor deployedWed 11/18 (2 - 5 pm)
yesleft in office 12/16