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The University provides an online giving page, that is the preferred mechanism of receiving donations online. It is available at The form defaults to "Area of Greatest Need - University Wide".


  • Gift area search
    • When you focus on a "Gift Area," you'll notice the option to type in the box to filter the expansive drop down menu.
  • Future pledge option
    • In the event a donor would like to pledge to give later, they can do so, but must give $1 now.  The $1 charge stems from no longer storing CC numbers on file.  As a result, the $1 charge creates a reference transaction from which we may make subsequent transactions.
  • Self help tool-tips 
    • These orange boxes explain gift type options, how the UT EID is used, why email addresses are necessary, and how phone numbers will be used.
  • UT EID login
    • Upon logging in with their EID and password, a donor's biographical information pre-populates the fields within the "Personal Information" section. If any of the pre-populated information is updated by the donor, the new information is routed for review and then added to their VIP record.
  • Memorial and honorary gift name field
  • Email confirmation
    • An immediate email confirmation will be sent to the donor upon completion of a successful donation.  The separate tax receipt is sent after the gift has been reviewed by Gift and Data Services. 

Customized URLs

At the end of the giving link, we add “hooks” that pre-populate fields on the Online Giving Page. Multiple hooks are separated by ampersands. These hooks are mostly self explanatory and can be in any order, for example:

  1. A gift to the Department of Accounting, crediting the donor’s EID with a $100 gift with a solicit code of “OTO” and class gift comment (NOTE: %20 in a URL is the code for a blank space):
    A recurring gift to Social Work for a total of $500 given over the next five years (NOTE: the donation amount is the total, not the installment payment amount):**&amount=500&type=recurring&frequency=annual&duration=5
    A sustaining gift of $30 a month to Asian Studies given in honor of Justin Bieber: 

Available URL hook variables:




menu or menu1

First Gift Area

 CSU Code and Sub Department Code

amount or amount1

First Gift Area Donation Amount

 Gift Amount

menu2, menu3

Subsequent Gift Areas

 CSU Code and Sub Department Code

amount2, amount3

Subsequent Gift Area Amounts

 Gift Amount


Type of Gift

 Onetime, Recurring, Future, or Sustaining


Frequency of Pledge Payments

 Monthly or Annual


Duration of Pledge

 2-59 (for monthly) or 2-5 (for yearly)


UT EID without Requiring Authentication



Source Response Code (First 3 are Source, Last 3 are Response)

Source Response Code
solicitSolicit CodeSolicit Code
programProgram Code (Defaults to WS)Program Code


Source Menu

 Source Code


Source CSU (used only if Source Menu not used)

 CSU Code


Source Sub Department (used only if Source Menu not used)

 Sub Department Code


Program Code

 Program Code


Honorary or Memorial Gift

 Hon or Mem


Name associated with Recognition Type




 Use %20 instead of typing a space between words

It is preferable to pre-populate the fields to ensure gifts we solicit come to the Moody College. The files below contain Moody College specific gift area URL hooks and additional instructions on pre-populating fields.

  File Modified
PDF File Pre-populating fields instructions.pdf Jan 05, 2015 by Steven W Nevers
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Gift area URL hooks.xlsx Jan 05, 2015 by Steven W Nevers

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