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The Moody College of Communication at The University of Texas at Austin is committed to continuing efforts to promote and enhance gender equity among faculty. The Moody College will continue to address gender equity issues that arise and to encourage a culture that values diversity. 

Our commitment includes the following:

  • Recruiting and Hiring - The Moody College has a decentralized approach to faculty recruitment. Each department has a commitment to have diverse selection committees. We also emphasize diversity in the faculty hiring process by including specific language in postings, “The Moody College of Communication is committed to achieving diversity in its faculty, students, and curriculum, and it welcomes applicants who can help achieve these objectives.”
  • Retention and Promotion - The Moody College and Departments are committed to maintaining equity in promotion opportunities. Efforts will be made to ensure that Promotion and Tenure committees will be representative of the diversity of our faculty and that gender plays no role in promotion recommendations.
  • Leadership and Governance - The Moody College and Departments also ensure diversity in positions of leadership, budget councils and other faculty committees. Recent history shows that the Moody College is committed to assigning positions of leadership in a consistent manner, regardless of gender, and has a commitment to ensure that women are considered for all positions of leadership.
  • Salaries - We will continue to evaluate salary increase processes and procedures to ensure that gender plays no role in evaluations or merit raise recommendations.
  • Family Friendly Policies - The Moody College is committed to disseminate information about UT's family-friendly policies, including university childcare, modified instructional duties, and suspension of the probationary period for tenure.

Going forward, we will continue to evaluate our processes and support gender equity efforts within the Moody College of Communication.

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