Detailed Information for Advanced Workflow

Download the AG-350 Book

First re-set the camera to wipe any weird

settings that the previous user set

Press Menu

Press "Others"

Press Menu Initialize

Press the Restart system OK

Choose Set

Press Menu again

Press System

Leave Frequency at Default 59.94

Choose File Format Mov (default)

Then choose your REC Format

We recommend for most cases and

RTF and Journalism uses use this setting

2160-23.98p / 422LongGOP 150M

Attach and plug in the Attached Mic

plug into the "Audio Input 1"

XLR input

This is where you plug into the Headphone Jack

It is on the handle of the camera

remove the cover

See here the headphone jack uncovered by the

plastic cover

Plug headphones in here

Next setup your Wireless Lavaliers

Lavalier - Sennheiser EW100 Quick Start Guide

Plug in your Lavalier mic into Audio Input 2

See example to the left

Set Input 1 to +48V (for the attached mic)

Ch1 select Input 1

Set Input 2 to Mic

Ch2 select Input 2

Press Menu

Press Audio

Press RED CH Settings

Make sure they are both in Manual

Set audio input levels turning these knobs

Next format cards.

Open the door at the rear of the camera and

insert the cards

example of cards inserted in camera

Next format the SDHC Cardspress Menu again
Choose Recording

Format Media

Slot 1 and or Slot 2

Confirm by selecting SET

The auto and manual buttons are helpful if you

don't have time to setup the camera you can

put them in Auto

Use the provided USB C / USB card reader

connect to computer to mount the cards

Here is the card structure and you need to

make sure that you copy over all the folders to your


The file structure for each recorded card needs to

be archived on to a hard drive.

make folders on the hard drive to reflect the day of

the shoot and the card number

EX: Day 001 Card 004

Put the contents of each card (keeping the file structure)

on to the back up drive. Do this for every card you shoot.

Next open AVID or Premiere and start working

AVID Project Setup Workflow Wiki

AVID - Panasonic - CX350 - Quick Start Editing Workflow

Adobe Premiere Pro Project Setup Wiki

Adobe Premiere - How to Work with Panasonic - CX350 Files