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The Panasonic AG-HMC150 is a camcorder designed to record in high definition on standard SecureDigital (SD) and SHDC memory cards. While SD-based camcorders have been gaining ground in the consumer market, the AG-HMC150 has the ability to record AVCHD images at significantly higher bitrates. This enhancement makes the camera more efficient than comparable HD interframe codecs, such as HDV and XDCAM EX. Using H.264 as its compression algorithm, the camera can record incredibly detailed images at a fraction of the file size.

Manual: HMC 150 Manual

AVID Workflow: AVID -Panasonic HMC150 Workflow

AVID Setup: AVID - Project Setup and Workflow for AVCHD video files recorded on the Panasonic HMC150 

FCP Setup: FCP - AVCHD 23.98 Workflow in Final Cut Pro with the Panasonic AG-HMC150