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General Policies:

It is important that you make all of your scheduled shifts. Irregular shift attendance and frequent tardiness are unacceptable and can be grounds for dismissal. Student employees will be first given a verbal warning followed up by a written warning with possible dismissal. Student employees also cannot request vacation time. Official days off are UT student holidays as well.  

We use Shiftplanning to coordinate shifts. Keep your contact information (email / phone number) up-to-date. For scheduling questions, check the posted schedule.

  • Shift Trade/Coverage:
    1. Create a shift trade request in Shiftplanning. If there is no reply, it is your responsibility to call, text or personally email other student workers to obtain shift coverage. 
    2. Inform your supervisor at least two days in advance after you have tried all of the above and could not find coverage for your scheduled shift time. 
    3. If you still cannot find anyone to cover your shift, we will try to make other arrangements. Otherwise, you are expected to work that shift.
    4. If you agree to fill someone else's shift, you are responsible for covering that shift. 
  • Illness:
    • Please do not come into work if you have a contagious illness. If possible, send a shift trade request through Shiftplanning in order to get your shift covered BEFORE the beginning of your shift.
    • Please contact your immediate supervisor if you become ill during your shift and cannot complete your assigned hours. Leaving your shift unannounced in any way is not acceptable and may be grounds for dismissal. 
  • Emergencies:
    • Please contact your immediate supervisor if you have a family or medical emergency and are unable to work. 


Timesheets are due bi-weekly every month (mid and end of month). It is your responsibility to fill out your timesheet accurately and submit it on time.

Late timesheets are not acceptable unless there are issues beyond your control. More than one reminder to submit your timesheet on time can result in warnings and possible dismissal.


Upon hiring, we will create an account for you on our Chat server. This allows for another channel of communication between you and the Tech Services group.  If applicable, please log in first thing when you arrive on your shift. How-to here.  

Down time:

When not actively attending to your other work duties, it is acceptable to work on your schoolwork during your downtime. This is a privilege and not a right as your job duties should always take precedence.

Keep smartphone usage (phone calls, texting, apps, browsing) to a minimum. Please go to the back storage room or lobby if you need to take a personal call. 

Please DO NOT use personal laptops and/or tablets at the checkout desk areas or have schoolwork in the way of your workspace. It is important that you look approachable by clients, and that Checkout and Digital Media Lab staff greet each person coming in to let them know that you are available to help.

Do not watch movies or TV shows.

You can take up to a fifteen minute break during your shift as well to stretch your legs, grab coffee, etc.  In the Digital Media Labs, do use the "Will Return at" Clock sign to indicate your return. 

General Expectations:

  • Communication is Key... if you have problems, if equipment is not functioning properly, please let a Tech Service staff member know.
  • Maintain a friendly, professional, and polite demeanor to all clients at all times.
  • Keep yourself neat and clean. Wear work appropriate clothes. While not required, enclosed shoes are recommended as you may be lifting items and toes may be in danger of having things dropped on them.
  • Opening/closing duty checklists are to be maintained daily.
  • Everyone is expected to keep their work areas tidy and free of clutter. In the Checkout and Digital Media Labs, there are additional assigned cleaning duties.
  • Restroom breaks can be taken as needed. 
  • The radio (walkie-talkie) is the fastest way to contact any member of the tech staff...including the Checkout at the BMC.  The way to use it:
    • Make sure it is turned ON and on Channel 1
    • Depress the button on the side and wait three seconds before speaking
    • Go "This is *name* looking for *Susanne, Larry, Tech Services, Checkout, etc*...Do you copy?"
    • When closing, be sure to turn OFF the radio and put it on the charger.

Equipment Checkout Expectations:

  • Answer the phone courteously and professionally.
  • Read/review the 'Staff Message of the Day' at the beginning of EVERY shift. It is located on the left side of your Usher home page after logging into the appropriate desk. 
  • Keep all talk in a moderate level since you are sharing the office with the rest of the Tech staff. 
  • Listening to music, videos and/or movies is not allowed at the front desk.
  • Keep food and drink away from the front desk area. It gets in the way of the checkout process, and it can spill onto equipment.

Digital Media Lab Expectations:

  • Troubleshoot to the best of your ability hardware & software problems.  If you don't know the answer, try Googling for it.  If you still are having problems, contact your supervisor.
  • Keep your "Proctor on Duty" sign up during your shift and use the "clock" away sign when you are on break.
  • Keep work areas clean.
  • Keep food and uncovered drink out of the lab. Drinks with a lid are OK.
  • Politely tell people to take their cell phone conversation outside.
  • In emergencies, do contact either the lead proctor and/or your supervisor.  If there is a medical emergency, call 911.
  • Should someone be confrontational, causing a scene, or engaging in criminal behavior call UTPD at 1-1441 or 911. Inform your supervisor. You are not expected to take care of this yourself. 

Digital Media Lab - Fresh-Ups

The Fresh-Ups program are free software workshops offered to College of Communication faculty, staff, students.  They are taught Friday afternoons in the DML classroom.  It's a great way to earn extra hours as well as teaching experience. Please direct interested folks to the calendar at

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