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In the case of most upper division courses, instructors have the option to waive the course prerequisites for a student whom they feel is adequately prepared to take their class.

If a student requests that you waive the prerequisites for your course, please make sure that you are confident that they are appropriately prepared for your course before granting a waiver.

If you do want to give them permission to take your course, please complete a prerequisite waiver form. Otherwise, the student will be dropped from your class.

Many students (and faculty) believe that UT's registration program automatically blocks students who don't have the prerequisites for a course from registering for it. However, this is not the case. I.e. just because a student is able to register for a class does not mean that they have met the prerequisites, and it is possible that I will drop them, even after the semester has begun.

*Please note that the requirement of RTF 317 and 318 with a grade of B or better in both courses CANNOT be waived for any RTF student under any circumstances.*