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Adding and Using Reverb/Echo and Subwoofer in your mixes.

1. This process is exactly the same for both Surround and Stereo Mixes.
2. Open your session following the instructions in: Opening Your Protools LE_Session in PT_RM5.
3. In the Protools tool bar click: File>Import>Session Data…

4. In the “Templates” Folder, Select “Effects Template” and Click Open.

5. Select the Tracks that Correspond to your mix; 5.1 Reverb for a surround mix,Stereo Reverb for a stereo mix. Import the Boom Channel only to add Subwoofer to a SURROUND MIX. Subwoofer should not be used for a stereo mix.
When you have selected the appropriate tracks. Click OK.

6. Click on the Sends arrow (the up down arrows at the top on the Light grey part of
the mixer, and select bus, then the reverb send or boom send that you wish to use on that track. If you want to have the option to use reverb on every track, hold down option before you click.

7. Make sure that you do not assign the Reverb Send/Boom Send to the Reverb or Boom tracks. When you have finished these steps your session might look like this:

8. To automate your reverbs (so that you can add more or less reverb to a track) Click into the Edit Window and click on the track that you wish to add reverb to.

9. Click the button that says “Waveform” and Select the reverb/Boom that you want
to mix in>level.

10. Using the Grabber tool:

Draw in the amount of reverb that you
want to send:

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