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We recommend the following large diaphragm condenser mics:


Neumann U87

Neumann TLM 103

Audio Technica 4050 or 4033

For more information on available microphones, check out the Microphone Information Table

The side with the Mic's emblem is the side you speak into.

The basement of CMB has a low rumble to it starting at around 150Hz on down. The rumble is even present in the isolation booth.

Mount the microphone on the mic stand.

Plug XLR cable out of the mic...

...into the wall jack.

Attach the pop filter.

Make sure the setting on the front of the HD OMNI look like this

Launch ProTools.

Follow this wiki for ADR

As you slowly turn P1 up to a nice recording level, you may notice the VU meters moving even though there seems to be no sound. There IS sound, it is that 150Hz and lower rumble. You will need to either EQ this out while recording or in post.