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Setup Computer input and output

>Apple>System Preferences

Click on Sound

Click on Output
RODECaster ProStereo

Input choose
Pro Multichannel

Open ProTools

Click OK Here

Click OK Here

When ProTools opens click "Cancel" on the Quick Start Dialog.

We do not want to open a session yet.

Need to set up the routing and Playback Engine first.

For Recording
Setup>Playback Engine

RODEcaster Multichannel

Open ProTools>File>
Create New Session or open existing session

Create a session

Name it

Choose 24 Bit

48 kHz

Choose a location to save the file and then select


Now go to Input and Output setup

Go to >Setup>I/O

Click on the Input tab

all the channels of the RODECaster are available as inputs

Mics 1 and 2

Mics 3 and 4

USB Left and Right

TRRS Left and Right

Bluetooth Left and Right

Sounds Left and Right (sound effects loaded on the RODECaster)

click OK to exit

Click on Output Tab and you will have nothing and that is OK

We will go over that later in this wiki

Track>New Track one track

Create 1-4 mono tracks for how many voices you are recording

Our example we are recording 2 people

On every track

Go to the "Edit Window View Selector" drop down

Choose I/O

Or Go to > View>Edit Window Views> I/O >

Next choose the input for each track you want to record

Example here choose Mic 1 to record Mic 1

Set the input of that track to >Mic 2

Next we need to make sure the microphones are set correctly on the RODECaster Pro

Select the Microphone channel selector softkey for the mic you want to use

EX: #2

Then Choose Microphone

Make sure it is set to RODE


Click the Back button to get to the previous menu

Click On Level

Make sure that Phantom Power is on and the Level is set to 18 or higher. this is how you will adjust

input level in ProTools when you record

press the plus and minus buttons to adjust levels

the Microphone faders on the RODECaster don't adjust recording input level

This is how you hear in the headphones!!

When you slide them up the headphone volume increases

not the recording input level!

You also adjust headphone volume with these knobs

Make sure that the USB fader

is turned down on the RODECaster to prevent


Make sure that the ceiling volume

is turned down on the RODECaster to prevent


Recording in ProTools

Click on the RED record button "record enabled"

Check Levels in ProTools

Should see input levels in ProTools I/O view. Set inputs so the levels are in the green to yellow areas.

Make sure that Phantom Power is on and the Level is set to

a good level in protools this is how you will adjust the input levels

I was getting a level 39 before it looked good in ProTools

Record as needed using normal ProTools recording procedure by hitting play on the transport window while the record button is enabled.

To Playback what you just recorded in ProTools

>Setup>Playback Engine

No you don't want a report

Send audio out Left/Right Stereo

Turn up the USB slider to hear ProTools Playback turn up ceiling speakers to hear playback in the room

On RODECaster board turn up the USB icon Slider