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 Promotion and Tenure Packets

For the official General Guidelines for Promotion and Tenure, please visit:

Important Deadlines in the Promotion Process

The President’s memo regarding promotion of faculty indicates some important deadlines in the timetable.  These are intended to ensure the quality of the review process and to allow the departments ample time to assist the candidates with preparation of the required materials.  Preparation of promotion dossiers requires significant staff assistance and is a team effort between the candidate and department chair, which is benefited by early consultation regarding the candidate’s intentions and the department leadership’s views.  The Dean is asked to submit names of candidates wishing to be promoted in late spring to the Provost's Office.  Those faculty who are going up early or electing to go through the process may withdraw from consideration in Mid-July. 

Associate professors with tenure may be considered for promotion to professor during any year deemed appropriate by the budget council and department chair. Promotion before six years in rank have elapsed is considered early and should be explained.

Right of Consideration. As provided in HOP § 3.17, tenured associate professors with ten years or more in rank can invoke their right to be considered for promotion to professor. To invoke this right of consideration for a given promotion cycle, associate professors must advise their department chairs in writing by February 1. These cases will be considered at all levels unless a faculty member withdraws the case before the final vote of the budget council is taken. If promotion is not awarded, the right may be exercised again after five years of service.

Again, in both cases the process and the candidate’s chances of success are served by early preparation.  This particularly permits the scheduling of peer teaching observations in the spring semester and the identification of external reviewers.