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Open Final Cut Pro,
Create a new 30i NTSC-DV Project and save to your hard drive

Every time you launch Final Cut SET YOUR SCRATCH DISKS
Now new media being captured, imported, or created, will go to your hard drive

Capture your footage
Double check that your scratch disk is set to your hard drive
If there are time code breaks use alternative capturing method

Convert and Import your Sound Effects, CD or Music Files

Import any stills being used and How to do PAN AND SCANS or Zoom in or Out of still images.
Organize your bins
EX: Raw Footage (Master clips), Subclips, Audio, Sequences,Titles, etc

Note on Sequences
Each editing session, duplicate your most recent timeline (just right click timeline icon in the bin and choose duplicate) and rename it with the current date. This way, if you make major changes and cannot undo a mistake, you can return to a previous version to fix the problem area.

Assembly Edit
Bring your footage down onto the timeline in the order of your film.  Get a general idea of the short film, keeping video and audio in sync
Don’t worry about trimming the ends of each clip yet; this is just an assembly edit

Rough Cut
Trim down the extra footage, concentrate on timing
Begin sound design
Don’t worry about transitions, effects, or fine trimming just yet

Fine Cut
Refine each cut point, trimming frames to ensure smooth edits
Begin adding effects and transitions
Finish your edit, bring in a friend to watch your work and give input
Export your sequence to the proper 318 requirements
Bring in a flash drive, hard drive, or DVD to take home your own copy

Put your final 318 quicktime on the classes server, in your TA’s assigned turn in folder (How to Log Into Transfer and Classes Shares Volumes IN NETWORK) (OUT OF NETWORK)


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