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Submitting Receipts for Reimbursements

Submit your receipts as a PDF (photograph is acceptable but not preferred) to    Each receipt must be:

  • Clear and legible
  • Itemized (Listing each specific item and not just a grand total)
  • Include “proof of payment” or show method of payment
  • Signed – if you are unable to sign each receipt, send it anyway.  We will send it back to you via Docusign for your digital signature; any other digital type signature is not accepted by UT Accounting  

Submitting Purchase Requests

Submit your request to  Request must include:

  • Link to the item
  • Item description
  • Quantities
  • Business-critical reason for the purchase
  • Ship to address

PLEASE NOTE:  If items are received at home, the custodian of the goods is still The University of Texas at Austin. 

Paying Guest Lecturers or for Professional Services

To request for payment for a guest speaker or professional service, submit an online Payment Request Form at least 10 days prior to the visit/service (30 days in advance is preferable).   

UT Handbook of Business Procedures - Independent Contractor Overview and Guidelines

Entertainment Reimbursements

To request reimbursement for food/entertainment expenses at an official meal or reception, submit the Official Occasion Expense Form at least 5 days before the event, or 10 days in advance for events estimated over $5K

PLEASE NOTE: Coffee, snacks, or any food or beverage for any meeting or film crew must be requested BEFORE purchase.


Travel Reimbursements

Submit an online Request for Travel Authorization Form at least 30 days in advance for most destinations, or 45 days in advance for international travel to a Restricted Region.

PLEASE NOTE: at the present time, domestic and foreign travel is NOT AUTHORIZED for any UT business.  Please monitor UT Covid-19 regulations regularly for updates.

Hiring Students

Submit your request to  Request must include:

  • Student Name and EID
  • Proposed start date and end date
  • Number hours per week
  • Hourly rate
  • Type of Work

Students must have an appointment BEFORE they can start working.

Human Resources – Student Employees  

Office Supply Purchases

When requesting traditional office supplies,  we are required to use university mandatory contract with Office Max/Office Depot through Today’s Business Solutions (TBS). 

Since we are working remotely this fall, we are allowed to ship items directly to your home.  Please note items that are received at home, the custodian of the goods is still The University of Texas at Austin. 

To browse Today’s Business Solutions catalog, please use the following link and login below:

Submit your order request including item numbers, item description and quantities to

Spending Practices 

During this unprecedented pandemic, exercising best practices is more important than ever. All employees of The University of Texas at Austin are expected to be good stewards of university funds. Regardless of the dollar amount, please ensure you are only considering critical purchases that are essential to your teaching and/or research. By being mindful and strategic in your spending during this time, we can collectively position the department and the college for a faster recovery. 

If you have any questions or need guidance, please email us at   

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