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If you are planning to travel abroad for any purpose other than a vacation, you must comply with the University of Texas Student Travel Policy.  Failure to comply can result in disciplinary actions.

International Travel by students includes, but is not limited to attending a conference, presenting a paper at a conference, attending a film festival, screening an original student film at a film festival, performing research, traveling as part of U.T. employment duties, acting as a project volunteer, and going as part of a student organization.  The U.T. Study Abroad Office Study Abroad travel will continue to be handled directly. 

It does not matter if you are enrolled during the time of travel - if you are recognized as a University of Texas at Austin student, you must comply with the University of Texas Student Travel Policy.  If you are traveling abroad during the summer for any purpose other than pleasure, or if you are taking a semester off to work on your thesis, this policy directly affects you and you must comply with the University of Texas Student Travel Policy. 

If you are traveling with RTF Production Equipment you must clear this through Moody College Equipment CheckOut.  Additional paperwork is required.  The travel policy for students traveling with RTF equipment can be found here:

International students are not exempt and they must also comply with the University of Texas Student Travel Policy.  This includes travel back to the student's country of origin for any purpose other than strictly pleasure.

You are encouraged to schedule an appointment with RTF staff member Wendy Stuessy ( or 471-4136) or Mona Syed ( or 471-3532) for assistance in submitting your paperwork.  You are encouraged to do this two to six months prior to your expected date of departure.

Travel to a restricted country will likely be denied so start this process two-six months in advance.  The Department may deny the request upon submission but even if the Department approves the travel, there are additional approvals required and the request can be denied at any phase of this process.  If travel to a restricted region is approved by all concerned, then you must submit the remaining paperwork required for all international travel.

These are the steps required if you plan to travel internationally:

1.  You must follow & complete all the steps outlined by the U.T. International Office:

2. *Complete Required Forms **


A copy of each is attached, the pdf will be available on the RTF Wiki, and paper copies are available in the RTF Administrative Office and Moody College Equipment CheckOut.

3. Register Online With:

4. Purchase International Travel Accident & Sickness Insurance All students are required to have appropriate travel accident & sickness insurance, including evacuation and repatriation coverage, for the duration of their time abroad.

5. Schedule a meeting with RTF representative to review all paperwork.  Contact Wendy at 471-4136 or Keefe Boerner at 471-9253.  One of these staff members will review and make copies of your paperwork and advise you of additional RTF requirements for travel with equipment.

6. Submit the following to the UT Austin Study Abroad Office:

  1. All Required Forms (listed above)
  2. Proof of International Travel Accident & Sickness Insurance Coverage
  3. Approval of International Oversight Committee for Restricted Regions only

Please direct all questions to the U.T. Study Abroad Office:


NOTE:  Procedures and charges are subject to change. 

Graduate students seeking departmental support should follow the procedures:

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