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There are so many calendars! What do I do?

You have choices. You can do any or all of the following:


Subscribe to Google Calendars. 
It is recommended that you subscribe to multiple calendars, as they serve different functions and do not overlap. They are additive (see details below).

  • Public events are on the "RTF Department" calendar.
    All faculty are encouraged to subscribe to this.

  • Faculty-specific events are on the "RTF Faculty" calendar.
    All faculty are encouraged to ALSO subscribe to this.

  • Media studies area-specific activities (such as meetings and deadlines) are on the "RTF Media Studies" calendar.
    Please note that activities (such as faculty meetings) are NOT listed on this calendar, but rather on the RTF Faculty calendar.
    All media faculty are encouraged to ALSO subscribe to this.

Suggestions for which calendars to subscribe to are directly below. Details about what each calendar covers and directions on how to subscribe are listed further down the page. If you wish to add an event to a calendar or have problems subscribing, please contact Elana Wakeman.

Production faculty: Recommended minimum calendars to subscribe to are both of the following:

  1. RTF Department calendar
  2. RTF Faculty calendar

Studies faculty, staff, and area heads/directors: Recommended minimum calendars to subscribe to are all three of the following:

  1. RTF Department calendar
  2. RTF Faculty calendar
  3. RTF Media Studies calendar

"RTF Department" Calendar

(Note: embedded lower on this page.) Open to the public, the "RTF Department" calendar lists public-facing RTF-sponsored events such as screenings, Flow conference, and colloquium talks featuring visitors to the department. This calendar can be found on/shared from our website:

To subscribe, you need a gmail account:

1.Log in to Google and go to the "Calendar" page.

2.Click the down-arrow next to Other calendars.

3.Select Add by URL from the menu.

4.Enter the address in the field provided:

5.Click the Add Calendar button. The calendar will appear in the Other Calendars section of the calendar list to the left.

"RTF Faculty" Google Calendar

The "RTF Faculty" calendar is only for faculty and staff and does not include the bigger public events listed on the RTF Department calendar. You can subscribe:

1.Through gmail: If you have a gmail account, your gmail address, and Elana will invite you to subscribe.

2.Through a feed:

"RTF Media Studies" Calendar

This calendar lists items specific to media studies faculty, including meetings and deadlines. To subscribe, send your gmail address

Here is the calendar address:

Print RTF Full Faculty/Department Calendars in Excel

Please note that changes may happen over the course of the semester. Staff will email you about such changes.

Moody College Calendar

Events for Moody College can be found here:
Note: You can select specific events and “Add to My Calendar.” Or, click on “Subscribe” if you would like to receive weekly emails, RSS or Atom Feeds, or receive iCalendar feed.

To submit events:

UT Austin Calendar

Events for UT Austin can be found here:
Click on “Submit an Event” to submit
You can also subscribe to receive info on events or RSVP for events to have them appear on your calendar

RTF Department Calendar

This displays the public-facing events.

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