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Graduate Office

Mona Syed, Graduate Program Coordinator, CMA 6.116, 512-471-3532,

Richard Lewis, MFA Advisor, CMA 6.126B,  512-475-6849, 

Kathy Fuller-Seeley, MA/PhD Advisor, CMA, 5.128,


Coming up:

December 1 – Deadline for PhD to Apply for Continuing Fellowships

Key Dates for UT Graduate Students

UT Austin Academic Calendars

RTF News & Events Calendar (MA and PhD students – See Colloquiums, first Thursday of the month)

Media Studies Graduate Student Calendar - Spring 2018 


Click here (or scroll down) to navigate to a list of all handbooks, programs of work and checklists for PhD, MA, MFA production and MFA screenwriting


Click to go see forms for current RTF Graduate Students

Campus Resources

Legal Services for Students (Landlord/Tenant, Renting, Criminal, Traffic, Consumer, Employment)

Ombuds Offices (website has handouts on writing letters of appeal/grievance and assertive communication)

Austin Tenants' Council (off-campus, help with rental problems in Austin)


PhD in Media Studies

MA in Media Studies

MFA in Film and Media Production

MFA in Screenwriting

Forms for Current Students:

Course Permission Forms

Travel Forms

Advising and Committee Forms

Graduation Forms

Student Employment Forms

Steps to Graduate

  1. Register for correct class (for MA & MFA = RTF 398R or 698B, for PhD = RTF x99W)
  2. Apply to graduate by the deadline
  3. Schedule defense or final screening of MFA film (Mona can reserve the room)
  4. Use Template for your Dissertation (PhD)/Thesis (MA) or Report (MFA or MA)
  5. Complete all steps on grad school page
  6. Upload dissertation/thesis/report to TDL
  7. Turn in printed pages/forms required to Graduate School

*** Deadline is 3:00 pm. See the Graduate School's website for exact dates***

See examples of theses/reports and dissertations here at the UT Library.

New Students

To Do list

Graduate School Orientation

Resources for New Students (click to full list)


Link to RTF resources at UT Library

RTF Media Library

New TA

New Employee Checklist

PhD/MA TA and AI information

MFA TA Information


Travel Handbook for Production Students

Travel Funding 

International Travel Rules and Procedures


Click to see funding information and links for current RTF students

Resources for New Students

RTF Department

Production Resources:

Moody College of Communication

UT Resources

Student Organizations 

Scholarships, Fellowships, Loans, and Grants

The Department of Radio-Television-Film awards several fellowships each year to deserving graduate students. Departmental fellowships and University-wide scholarships often require separate applications, so read the application instructions for any scholarship for which you are applying.

This is a great resource from the UT Libraries:  Funding Guide

RTF & College of Communication Fellowships and Scholarships:
We have multiple Moody Fellowships and Scholarships for our graduate students.  There is a $5,000 Moody Doctoral Fellowship for incoming PhD students for four years from the Moody College of Communications. There is no separate application for this fellowship.

There is a Moody Innovation Award competition for MFA in Film and Media Production students who apply for the award.  These are of varying amounts and awarded beginning in the second year of the program.  

The MFA in Screenwriting students are typically offered a Michener Center for Writers Fellowship in the two years of the program.  There is no separate application for this fellowship.

The Department of Radio-Television-Film awards several scholarships made possible by endowments created by alumni and friends of the department. You find more information about individual RTF and Moody College of Communications Scholarship opportunities here. The link to the scholarship application is made available on this page every year. The College of Communication application deadline for the next academic year is always March 31.

Loans & Grants:
For information about financial loans, state and federal grants, and the procedures required to obtain them, consult the Office of Student Financial Services.

******* If you are a FILM STUDENT and you have extra EXPENSES related to your films, you can file a separate form to request more financial aid.  See the Special Circumstances information and fill out the appeal form. Check with the financial aid office to file this form. *********

International Students should see the International Student Services office for rules about funding and VISA requirements.

Another resource on campus is the Regional Foundation Library; this is a database with sources of funding from foundations.  These are groups, public and private, that give funds to individuals for research, travel and for creative projects, like making films.  You have to go in person to them and they will help you search the database and gather all of the information you need to apply for grant money.   Here is their contact information:

The Production Resource Center (The Cage) also has a compilation of links to granting agencies that will help with film costs, living costs for artists, travel to film festivals, etc.  Check it out on their grant page.

Funding database sponsored by the UT Libraries; this is a great way to search for funding for your specific topic of research; it includes funding from all over the world.

The University of Texas Fellowships:

Graduate Fellowships at UT

Lists of funding opportunities by deadline date:

MFA related funding by deadline

Media Studies (MA/PhD) related funding by deadline

Employment at The University of Texas

The Sanger Center for Teaching and Learning is always looking and offers help to Teaching Assistants and Assistant Instructors.

The Undergraduate Writing Center is always hiring writing tutors.

UT Austin Athletics often hires mentors and tutors for the athletes in all areas.

Nonacademic employment — includes links to many job search sites for The University of Texas students.

Travel Funding

The Radio-Television-Film Department offers funds for Professional Development that are meant to help fund travel to conferences or film festivals. Each graduate student may apply for travel funds through the RTF Graduate Office and may receive up to one award each academic year, if the budget allows.