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UPDATED 7/29/2020 

Requests for purchases and additions to the RTF Media Library are welcomed at any time. 

Please make requests for instructional-use media purchases a few weeks before classes start to accommodate ordering and shipping times.

Faculty members who need to have BluRay or DVD purchases made should contact Lee Sparks with their needs. 

Submit your final screening list to Lee Sparks with titles you want the library to acquire.  Items in excess of $75 should be scheduled on a current syllabus to be considered. 

The Librarian will then make all possible effort to acquire, and place on reserve for the specified date, the desired media programs (DVDs).   On occasion you might be advised that you should make arrangement to borrow an unavailable item from the UT library, use an online streaming resource, or substitute an alternate selection, but this is uncommon. 

Most casual mid-semester requests that are not time-sensitive and are not prohibitively expensive, are entirely likely to be purchased. 

However, due to the needs of managing the budget, the request might be delayed for an indefinite period.  Special circumstances should be conveyed and every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate them.   Requests for programs needed on specific dates and times take precedence over unscheduled items.  Unscheduled items are always considered lowest priority, “wish list items.” 

Regarding items intended for “excerpts” or “clips,” and items being considered for the future:

The RTF Media Library does not purchase items to show only clips from or to consider using at a later date.  Alternate resources should be used for these needs.


Items purchased for your instructional use, as well as any items already in the library, can be placed on reserve for your specified use date(s).   To place an item on reserve, simply tell me the title and date needed via email or phone.  If the reserve date changes, tell me as soon as you can.  Someone else might need it and they will not be able to use it if you have it reserved. 

If one has any feedback, impressions, requests for clarification, or suggestions of modification regarding these policies, please direct them to the Media Librarian (471-1906, Lee Sparks) at any time.