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Welcome to RTF366K

Raw Kodak film stock is provided to the Instructor/TA for each section’s lab exercises only.   Each section's TA should see Linda Cavage in RTF Equipment Check-Out for your section's allocation.  

When you begin to do academic assignments for this class, each student must buy their own film stock and make arrangements for processing the film.  RTF366K is on a rigid schedule, the film stock and costs are uniform, shipping can be consolidated, and the process is consistent. For these reasons, the RTF Department is able to help you offset costs, shipping, and processing time.  This is the only RTF class where the Department is able to do this.

You will have a few types of routine charges for this class - all to be charged to the students' What I Owe:

  • Raw film stock:  Price varies, depending on the film stock used. Ask Equipment Checkout for current pricing. 

  • Processing of exposed film: Price varies, depending on services requested and current lab processing prices.

  • Additional cost for Push or Pull requests:  depends on current lab processing prices.
    • Push - give film more development time to compensate for underexposure - film did not get enough light
    • Pull - give film less development time to compensate for overexposure - film has too much light

  • Additional cost to Transfer (telecine) the footage to hard drive: is based on time spent to oversee the transfer and this is a significant reason to bundle film for shipping to the lab for processing.  If we send one roll that requires a transfer, your cost will be for a total half an hour of telecine.  If sent with at least four other rolls, your cost is reduced significantly as all four rolls will share in the costs of the time spent.  The more rolls we send for a transfer, the less it will cost.  The fewer rolls we send for a transfer, the more it will cost.

  • One time per semester charge of $25.00 per student will be charged to cover all Fed Ex shipping for the semester. 

All prices are subject to change and are based on the department’s out-of-pocket costs. Expect to pay between $25.00 and $35.00 for each roll of film you have processed. 

Where do you get film?
·      RTF Equipment Check-Out or
·      Order it from Kodak

Your filming is complete.  What do you do next?
·      Do not expose the film to daylight.

·      Put the film back in its original film box, click it closed, and tape it shut with one piece of tape (there should be a sticky label attached to the film box you can use).   If you use gaff tape to seal the box, please use only one small strip – the processing lab opens the box in a darkroom and the technicians are not amused when they have to remove yards of gaff tape to get into the box.

·      Write your name, your UT EID, and your instructors’ last name on the box.

·      Write special instructions on the back of the film box:  1 stop, 2 pushes, broken perfs, etc.

·      Give the film to your TA who will drop it off with Lee Sparks in CMA  6.168 who will ship the film out for you.  We must have the film by 3:00pm Monday through Friday to meet the Fed Ex delivery timeline.    

Film dropped off after 3:00 will not go out until the next business day – this will delay processing and return of the processed film.

 Where is the film processed?

  • Yale Labs handles our 366K processing 

Contact AJ if you have questions about any of the processes or charges for this class.  

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