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Reassigning a Phone to a New Employee 

There are a couple of steps required when assigning a VoIP phone to a new employee, updating Caller ID and reassigning voicemail (UTVM).  Please see the examples below or cut and paste into your email, filling in your own particular details for the parts in italics.  In all cases, the phone number is the number you are wishing to change.

Step 1: Request update of Caller ID.

Send an email to with the following information:

     Subject: Please update caller-ID info for 512-XXX-XXXX

Email body:

     Phone: 512-XXX-XXXX
     CallerID: New employee's full name
     UT-EID: New employee's UT-EID
     Previous subscriber: Email addresses of previous employee at that phone

Step 2: Request reassignment of voicemail.

Send an email to with the following information:

     Subject: Reassignment of voicemail for 512-XXX-XXXX

Email body:

     Phone: 512-XXX-XXXX
     Subscriber: New employee's full name
     UT-EID: New employee's UT-EID
     Previous subscriber: Previous employee's name who was assigned that voicemail box

     Cc: Email addresses of new employee, requestor, unit office manager or all
Contact: Name and contact info of requestor, email, telephone, office number

     Please reset voicemail with (Option 1 or 2).

For voicemail reassignments, there are basically two options.  Option 1 is a complete reassignment of the voicemail box for that phone number from one person to another.  Option 1 removes all previous greetings, messages and voicemails and completely resets the voicemail for a new user. 

Option 1 is typically necessary when a new employee is replacing a previous employee and that person needs personal voicemail. 

Option 2 is a simple PIN reset which retains the greetings and existing messages and voicemails.  This option would likely be used for front-desk and main voicemail for a unit.

The official support site for UTVM describes these options as well.